Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing

Wind surfing: an innovative and amazing experience. Wind surfing, better known as sail boarding is basically a mixture of surfing and sailing. It involves the use of a board as well as a sail through which the wind acts on. The sail area ranges from 3 to 12 units of area depending upon the skill of the sailor and the external conditions. Wind surfing started way back in 1948 when Newman Darby had invented the sail board incidentally and started selling them.

The beauty of wind surfing is that it allows for a blend of the laid back of surf sports and the rule based atmosphere of sailing. Wind surfers can perform various combinations of jumps, spinning maneuvers, inverted loops, and other moves. None of these can be matched with the use of just a sail boat. Men and women surfers all enjoy the sport.

Wind surfing can be performed with the use of long boards or short boards. Long boards are usually more than 3 meters in length while short boards are smaller than 3 meters. Wind surfing boards can be categorized according to Free ride, Wave boards, and free style boards, Slalom Boards, Beginner boards and Racing long boards. The wind surfing sail is usually made out of mono film which is a clear polyester film, Dacron or polyester. These sails are then reinforced with a mesh so as to make them sturdy. Wind surfing safety is of course always important.

Wind surfing is that they can be performed under all types of weather conditions. Adventurous wind surfers would love to experience this activity on days with hind wind while most prefer a moderate weather for a multipurpose and free ride. The various wind surfing competitions have the following categories where each wind surfer performs. They are the Race board class, Super X, Slalom, Formula Wind surfing class, Olympic Wind surfing class.

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