Vermont Lake Monsters

Vermont Lake Monsters: From Expos to Monsters

Vermont Lake Monsters: From Expos to Monsters: Vermont Lake Monsters, a minor league baseball team, was founded in 1993 and has played their first game in 1994. But the team was first called Jamestown Expos when the team owner, Lake Champlain Transportation Company owner Ray Pecor, bought the team and moved it to Burlington. The team’s name was then changed to Vermont Expos in 1994, still retaining the ‘Expos’ in its name. The ‘Expos’ in the name of the team was retained making their nickname ‘Expos’. Only in 2005 did the team decided that they would change their name and had solicited name suggestions from their fans.

They have received over 30,000 suggestions and two names were considered as the preferred new name by the fans: ‘Green Mountain Boys’ and ‘Lakemonsters’. Obviously, the team has chosen the latter and has announced their change of name on November 15, 2005. The team’s first play was not a success as they were defeated by their opponent, Pittsfield Mets, but their first game was considered victorious because more than 5,000 people has attended and watched the game, making a big welcome for the Lakemonsters. League Membership: Lakemonsters is playing at the New York-Pennsylvania League. They had affiliations with the Washington Nationals since 2004 to 2010. Then, they moved to Oakland Athletics in 2011 and they are still affiliated with the said Major League Baseball team.

Titles and Awards Received: Vermont Lake Monsters has received several titles since their Expos days. Aside from the titles in leagues and divisions, the team has also received awards in the business world. They have been awarded by the Burlington Business Association’s BBA 32nd annual meeting. The team has been the Burlington Business Awardee in 2010 because of the great contributions that it has contributed not only to the business world but also to the community of Burlington. This makes them very popular among fans and non-fans alike. Championships: Lakemonsters has won the New York-Pennsylvania minor league baseball championships in 1996. Aside from that, they have also won division titles in the said league in 1995, 1996 and 2011. Notable Players: Some of the notable players that had been part of the Lakemonsters are not popular major league players. The team’s alumni list consists of successful professional major league baseball players that had made the Lakemonsters proud. Some of the most notable alumni of Vermont Lake Monsters are Geoff Blum, Michael Barrett, Orlando Cabrera, James Carroll, Milton Bradley, Jorge Julio and Wilson Valdez.

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