Venus Williams: One of the Most Popular Female Tennis Players

The Venus Williams: One of the Most Popular Female Tennis Players

Venus Williams: One of the Most Popular Female Tennis Players: Venus Williams is a professional tennis player who was ranked as the Number 1 Tennis Player in 2005. She is also currently in the Number 32 spot in the singles’ division. Williams has achieved great victories, which earned her the 12th spot on the best tennis players in the world of all time. Because of this, she is the only African American professional tennis player who has achieved this goal.

Professional Profile: Venus Williams has started playing professional tennis at the very young age of 14 in October 31, 1994. Because of her extreme talent and skills in playing tennis, Williams has never ceased to get titles, awards and accolades. Awards and Titles: Williams has gathered 44 titles in the singles’ division. She has also achieved seven grand slam victories, which made her famous and made her earn even more awards. Aside from that, Williams has also achieved 13 victories in the doubles’ division, playing with her sister, Serena Williams. She has also received two titles in the mixed doubles’ division.

Williams is also one of the only five female tennis players who have won five times or more in the Wimbledon singles’ competition. Because of this, Williams was hailed as one of the most active female tennis players of all time. She shares this title with her sister, Serena Williams. Winning Streak: Venus Williams did the longer winning streak since 2000; having 35-match victories consecutively. She did this in the Wimbledon Championships in 2000 and has extended her feat at the Generali Ladies Linz also in 2000. Other Accomplishments and Career Stats: Williams has good career stats, having an 80.3% winning percentage throughout her career. Her 632-160 stats proved that she is often victorious in her matches and the tournaments that she participated in. Williams won the Olympic Games in 2000. She had won the gold medal during this competition, which added to her many accomplishments.

Williams had also faced her sister, Serena Williams, on more than a few occasions during the Grand Slam single and the French Open. They have a total of 24 matches opposing each other. Personal Info and Early Life: Venus Williams was born on June 17, 1980 in Lynwood California. She currently weighs 72.5 kilograms and stands 6 feet and 1 inch tall. Williams had been number 1 in the United States Tennis Association in junior division when she was only eleven, having a record of 63-0. But because her father made their studies a priority, he had taken the coaching responsibilities and had coached Venus and her sister in their home.

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