University of Oregon Cheerleaders

University of Oregon Cheerleaders

The University of Oregon cheerleaders are well known in the college cheering circuit. The Oregon Duck Cheerleaders as they are referred to our considered to be the ambassadors of the university. They promote the college spirit and community bond.

The Oregon Cheerleading Program provides scholarships and grants to the cheerleaders if they excel in the sports. The Oregon cheerleaders consist of twelve dancers and ten stunt couples. The squad supports and cheers the Oregon athletes at various home and away matches. The squad also entertains and cheers at the Mac Court and the Autzen Stadium with their stunts and cheers.

The cheerleaders in the Oregon Cheerleading Program are dedicated and loyal to their school cheer spirit and strive for continuous improvement year after year.

The Oregon cheerleaders can be seen cheering in the sideline at football and volleyball games and in both men’s and women’s basketball events. Apart from entertaining and keep the spirit of the game high during the athletic events, the cheerleading squad also supports the University when they are away from home in various other events across the nation. The Oregon cheerleaders have been there to cheer their home side in thirteen out of the fourteen bowl games in the last year.

The Oregon cheerleaders represent the University of Oregon and cheer their varsity teams at the NCAA basketball and volleyball tournaments as well as the PAC-10 Conference basketball tournament.

The Oregon Cheerleaders believe in community work and charity. It is mandatory by the Oregon Cheerleading Program for each cheerleader in the squad to be involved in charity both within and outside the community. The squad raises funds for various events. The squad produces a poster, which is done professionally and these painstakingly done posters are then sold. They raise maximum funds through their poster sales.

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