Tywain McKee

Tywain McKee: Establishing a Career Overseas

Tywain McKee: Establishing a Career Overseas: Tywain McKee is a great American professional basketball player who established his skills at the Coppin State University. He played college basketball on the years 2005 to year 2008 while he was still attending school in Baltimore, Maryland. He was a member of his university’s team, Eagles, before he graduated from his school only this 2009. He helped make it possible for their team to be part of the NCAA tournament, which is a big accomplishment in the world of college basketball.

Professional Basketball Awards: McKee has been awarded as the Player of the Year in 2008 for the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference when he was still in college basketball. He was also awarded as the Player of the Week by Eurobasket.com by playing such as good game. Tywain McKee was able to accomplish 32 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists – a very good all-around game. This helped his team, Triumph, to reign during the game and defeat VEF Riga. Teams Played For: McKee was signed by BK Minsk so he moved to Belarus in 2006. After he was undrafted, he started playing in Australia as a professional basketball player. He belonged to the Hawks team. During that time, year 2010, he was named in the National Basketball League All-NBL Team. He moved to Russia in March 2011 when he was signed by Triumph where he is currently playing.

Career Statistics and Ranking: The career statistics of Tywain McKee has been good since he played professional basketball. But his greatest year was 2012 when he earned a lot of compliments because of the action that he has been providing on the basketball court. His average career stats reveal that he has excelled in many aspects of basketball. From points and rebounds to assists, steals and blocks, Eurocup has recorded McKee’s career highs. He had stood out from his peers during 2011, 2012 and 2013. As point guard, McKee has shown his skills and helped his team win tournaments and matches. Personal Information: Tywain McKee was born on March 7th 1986 and was raised in Philadelphia. He is 1.88 meters in height and currently weighs 183 lbs. He went to Bartram High School and went to Coppin State University where he started playing college basketball. He was and is still seen as a player who has a lot of talent and potential. This makes him a player to watch out during his team’s matches.

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