Triathlon Challenge

Triathlon Challenge

Triathlon: The winner takes it all. Triathlon basically refers to the event where three consecutive and sequential events take place simultaneously and the winner is chosen after all three events are completed. The three events usually include swimming, cycling and running. The Triathlon competitors basically compete for the fastest overall time taken which includes the timed transitions between the individual events.

The distance of each individual event may vary as per the competition being organized. International races usually have 750 m swimming, 20 km biking and 5 km running. The Olympic distances on the other hand have 1.5 km swimming, 40km bike riding and 10 km running. The first Triathlon was held on September 25th, 1974 at the Mission Bay in California. The race was sponsored and organized by Jack John stone and Don Shanahan who were members of the San Diego Track Club. Triathlon had made its debut at the Olympic games in the year 2000 during the Sydney Olympics and has been popular and well known ever since.

The International Triathlon Union organizes a World Cup series of the races every year for each segment of runners´┐Ż right from elite pro-tri athletes, junior pro-tri athletes to amateur athletes in 5-year age-groups. The registration for the triathlon events takes place much before the actual event. After the registration process is completed each of the racers are given a number along with a swim cap and a timing band. For major events such as the Iron Man, the athletes are required to set up their bikes in the transition areas a day or two prior to the event.

Triathlon events are basically held so that participants can judge their physical fitness level. Triathlon has a number of cardiovascular benefits as well and it helps in the overall functioning of the body in a smooth manner.

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