Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays: One of Canadas Most Popular Teams

Toronto Blue Jays: One of Canadas Most Popular Teams: The Toronto Blue Jays started out in 1976. The team was supposed to be the Toronto Giants, but the plan was stopped with a court ruling. The name was decided on after a contest that drew in thousands of entries. In 1977, Toronto Blue Jays played their very first American League match against the Chicago White Sox. Aside from the 9-5 victory, the game became memorable because of a minor snowstorm covering the field with ice throughout the game. Doug Ault led the victory with two homeruns. The team managed to have 54 wins and 107 losses that season (which made them last place), but was considered as an exciting debut in the American League. American League East Titles: The first American League title of the team came in 1985. In the season, the team finished with a 99-62 record – the year wherein the team had the most wins.

After winning their first American League East title, they faced the Kansas City Royals with a 3 to 1 lead (best-of-seven games). To their dismay, the Royals defeated them in three consecutive matches. After two years of finishing fourth place in the following seasons of the team’s very first AL East title, the team finished with a 96-66 record (only second place to Detroit Tigers). In addition, George Bell was voted as the Most Valuable Player of the American League – a consolation for the disappointing race with Detroit Tigers.

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