Tommy Jacobs

Tommy Jacobs

A Course of His Own: Tommy Jacobs: Keith Thomas Jacobs, Jr. was born on February 13, 1935 at Denver, Colorado. He grew up in Southern California where his interest in golf started. Tommy Jacobs started playing golf at a young age, and he came out on top of the National Junior Championship of the USGA. At the tender age of 16, he reached the semis of the USGA Amateur. At the age of 17, he received an invite to join the prestigious Masters. One of the major professional golf championships is the Masters and he was considered as the youngest player ever to be a part of the Masters until that record was shattered by Matteo Manassero. It was in 1956 that he became a pro.

PGA Tour Titles: As a professional golfer, Tommy Jacobs has a total of four PGA Tour trophies. His very first 1st place finish was at the Denver Open in 1958 followed by a win at the San Diego Cup Invitational in 1962 and then at the Utah Open in 1963, and the last time was at the Palm Springs Golf Classic in 1958. He never won any majors during his golf career, but he placed second twice. The first one was at the US Open in 1964 where he lost to Ken Venturi. The second one was at the playoffs of the Masters where he succumbed to Jack Nicklaus.

Ryder Cup: He was also an integral part of the Ryder Cup team and held the record of 3-1-1. The Ryder Cup is a tournament between teams from Europe and the US. It is only held every two years, and held alternately at the US and Europe. Later Career: Tommy Jacobs dabbled in being a golf director – one of which for the popular La Costa Hotel Spa. He gave that up and became a golf course owner in the mid-90s when he purchased the Bel Air Greens golf course. It is a par-32 course located at Palm Springs in the heart of California. It features 1,675 yards of golf.

The golf course received numerous positive reviews from golf lovers. He became a part of the Senior PGA tour in 1985 and the last time he joined a golf competition was in 2003 at the Senior PGA championship. It is one of the five major championships in the men’s senior division. He is currently living at North Carolina and is the operator and owner of the Magnolia Greens Golf Course which features a 27-hole golf course.

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