Tom Watson

Tom Watson: A Look into His Career

Tom Watson: A Look into His Career: Tom Watson of the USA was one of the most popular personalities in golf in the 70s and 80s. He studied at Stanford University where he joined and excelled with the school’s golfing team. After graduating in 1971 with a psychology degree, he joined the PGA. Three years later, he won his first PGA Tour, the Western Open, in 1974 against J.C. Snead and Tom Weiskopf. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Tom Watson started playing golf with his father.

He was coached by Stan Thirsk at the Kansas City Country Club and then joined his high school golf team at Pembroke-Country Day School. Before going to college, he won two consecutive amateur championships and another two victories in his college years. PGA Career: Joining the PGA Tour in 1971, he had his chance to grab the PGA Tour title in 1974, but failed even if he had the lead after 54 holes. With the disappointment, words of encouragement came from the retired golfer Byron Nelson came through. With his newly-found mentor, after a few months of the PGA Tour upset, he won his first PGA Tour title in the 1974 Western Open.

A major championship title came later with the 1975 Open Championship. The 1977 Open Championship in Scotland is definitely one of the most memorable tournaments in the history of golf. Tom Watson won the championship with a swift performance, thanks to his mentor who improved his game since he won his first PGA Tour. In 1979, he won five PGA Tours including a five-stroke win at the Sea Pines Heritage Classic. He won his second Masters title in 1981 against Jack Nicklaus in a two-stroke victory. Following his win are two PGA Tour victories in the same year – the Atlanta Classic and USF&G New Orleans Open. Notable Achievements: Watson participated in 609 tournaments throughout his career.

He made 502 cuts, with a total win count of 39. He averaged a score of 69.88 in all of his tournament games. He earned the sum of $11,162,751.37. His best year money-wise came in 1980 wherein he earned $590,808.31 thanks to 7 wins and 17 top finishes. Tom Watson is the only golfer who got the score of 67 (or less) in his entire career. His first 67 came in 1977 and others came through in the following decades. He is also a 6-time PGA Player of the Year in 1977-80, 1982, and 1984. In 1988, he was inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame and the Stanford Athletic Hall of Fame. His most recent win was in the 2011 Senior PGA Championship against David Eger.

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