Tom Brady: The Face of Professional Football

Tom Brady: The Face of Professional Football

When it comes to football, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. always comes to mind. Also known as Tom Brady, the professional football player is one of the most talented American football quarterbacks playing for the New England Patriots. Brady was born on California in August 3, 1977 and he grew up in a Catholic-oriented family with his parents and his three older sisters. When he was young, Tom always watched the games of San Francisco 49ers, a popular football team based in California. This is when Brady became a fan of quarterback Joe Montana who became one of Tom’s inspirations. The influence of the football players that he watched during his childhood had fueled his dreams in becoming a professional football player.

Collegiate Career: When Tom Brady studied at the University of Michigan, he played as a backup quarterback in the first two years for the Michigan Wolverines football team. He was a struggling player at first due to frustration and anxiety because he was 7th on the depth chart. Tom had barely gotten any playing time, which didn’t help his skills to improve. But with his talent, hard work and perseverance, he was named in the All Big Ten Honorable Mention in 1998 and 1999.

Professional Career: Tom Brady started his professional career when a compensatory pick was done in the round six of the 2000 NFL Draft where he was pick number 199 by the New England Patriots. Many analysts said that he is the best NFL Draft pick of all time, especially considering the fact that he was picked that low. He started as the fourth string quarterback.

Career Stats: As of 2012, Brady’s career stats are 96.6 in passer rating, 44,806 passing yards, 5,958 pass attempts, 3,798 pass completions, percentage of 63.7, and he got a record of 334 touchdowns and 123 interceptions.

Awards and Accomplishments: Tom Brady received the award of Super Bowl MVP two times and he has the record in the NFL for the most touchdown passes in a single regular season that he achieved during the 2012 NFL season. Brady also set the record for the first quarterback to lead his team in winning ten division titles in the NFL. Brady is one of the only two football players in the National Football League to win the NFL Most Valuable Player award and Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award multiple times. Brady is also the only quarterback beside John Elway to put their team to five Super Bowls.

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