Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was born on 30th December in the year 1975. he is an American golf player. Tiger Woods has made so huge achievements that he is named as the most successful golf players until date. Tiger Woods is the number one golf player and is paid the highest as compared to all the athletes.

Tiger Woods has won around 90.5 million dollars, which makes him the richest athlete with so many amounts to his credit. His earnings include the winnings that he has achieved as well as the endorsements that he has agreed to do in his time.

Tiger Woods has won not less than fourteen golf championships, which are all at professional levels. He is the second highest player after Jack Niclaus who has won 18 championships to his credit. Tiger Woods has played seventy-one PGA tours and has the most number of wins in the PGA tour in his career than any other players of his time.

It is worthy to note that he is the first young player who has bagged the Grand Slam and has won Fifty golf tournaments in his tour which no other players of his age has achieved before. Infact Tiger Woods has bagged the Grand Slam thrice in his career.

Apart from the above achievements, Tiger Woods has also won sixteen World Golf Championships. However, Tiger Woods after being involved in extra-marital affairs has lost much of his credibility, and some would say confidence in his game. This resulted in sponsors re-thinking their support of him. Time will tell if he will return as a major world class golf player.

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