The Success Story of Lanny Wadkins

The Success Story of Lanny Wadkins

When naming the rank holding American professional golfers in the last few decades, we are bound to take the name of Lanny Wadkins without whom the list is in complete. Lanny Wadkins was born in the year 1949 on the 5th of December and his full name is Jerry Lanston Lanny Wadkins, Jr.

Since the debut of the Official World Golf Rankings in the year 1986, Lanny Wadkins has been a rank holder among the top ten for a continuous period of eighty six weeks and the total period lasted till the year 1988.

Lanny Wadkins is a boy from the land of Richmond in Virginia. There he went to the Wake Forest University and during his time in that university Lanny Wadkins won the title of the U.S. Amateur in the year1970 and converted into a professional one in the year 1971.

During the 1972 Sahara International, he had achieved his first win on the PGA tour which happened in Las Vegas, followed by him getting voted ad the 1972 PGA Rookie of the year. Lanny Wadkins was destined for more wins in future.

In the year 1973 he won two more titles and then his career faced a down period for the net three years.

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