The Strength Lies within Laguna Cowboys

The Strength Lies within Laguna Cowboys

When talking about the AAA ‘ level of baseball teams especially the ones playing in the Mexican Leagues; Laguna Cowboys is one team whose name is there on every Mexican baseball fans lips.

The Laguna Cowboys is also famously known as Vaqueros Laguna in their native land and has a lot of history attached to the team since the time the team had been established.

In the year 1940 the Laguna Cowboys team was first established, but back then the name of the team was Algodoneros de Union Laguna. The team did not take much time to gain its recognition in the world of baseball.

Their first league banner was waved out in the year 1942 and under command of the promising couch Martin Dihigo; Laguna Cowboys met their first success by winning the Zona Norte pennant as well as the tile. After which this the Laguna Cowboys faced a little downtime and had not accomplished any further titles for the next eight years. In the year 1950, Laguna Cowboys participated in the season which brought them their second and last title achievement up till now.

In this entire season, Guillermo Garibay received the maximum recognition and highlight. Fans are still leaving with the hope that Laguna Cowboys will win many more titles in years to come.

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