The Seattle Sea Gals cheerleader

The Seattle Sea Gals cheerleader group

The professional dance troupe that is the official cheerleader group of the Seattle Sea Hawks, a franchise of the National Football League or the NFL in the United States of America. The girls who are part of the Sea Gals all hail from or the nearby regions of Seattle, which means that almost all of them are fans of the Sea Hawks and as a result of this connection with the team, they always try to give something extra for the cause of the team when they are down so that they can get back up and when they are ahead, they try to push and support them over the line. The Sea Gals are chosen by virtue of an intense audition that is judged by the veteran Sea Gals as well as former Sea Gals.

The Girls are known to be very functional to the cause of the team off the pitch as well and are always present at the various events that are hosted by the franchise, be it for the corporate or for charity and they always try to find the time to take part in charity for their own organization as well. The Seattle Sea Gals are considered as one of those groups that are very intensely trained and usually perform a routine that varies widely from game to game.

Throughout the year, the Seattle Sea Gals take part in various events. There is one select team of the Sea gals that goes by the moniker Sea Gals Show Group that takes part in parades held in the city, performs during special matches, both at home and away as well as takes part in the NFL showpiece events with other cheerleaders. This group consists of Sea Gals from all ages that are now retired. The Houston Rockets’ Power Dancers

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