The San Francisco Gold Rush cheerleaders

The San Francisco Gold Rush

The professional dance squad who are designated as the cheerleaders of the National Football League or the NFL franchise the San Francisco 49ers. The squad was established in 1979 as part of the makeover given to the franchise by its owner in order to increase the revenue that the team was bringing in. Before that, owing to the displeasure of the crowd at the consistently poor performances of the team, many had opted to stay away from the home games thus costing the team immensely in terms of gate receipts and as a result, to improve the assets of the team, the cheerleading squad was formed to provide entertainment to the fans during the matches as well as during the half time show.

Not only are they ever present at the home games of the 49ers, but they can also be seen at the various charitable events hosted by the League or the franchise or by the organization that they run, visiting people at cancer institutes, child care centers and many others. More often than not, the San Francisco Gold Rush is a favorite pick for the television networks such as ESPN which has given them plenty of air time, as well as the Total Football Network.

The 49ers were one of the first teams in the history of the NFL to have their own cheerleaders before it became a fashion when they were playing at the old Kezar Stadium. At that time, the San Francisco Gold Rush was known as The Niner Nuggets but this group of cheerleaders ceased to exist after 24 years in 1970, before they were revived under the present moniker. They are by far one of the most well dressed squads in the NFL and have various magazine spreads as well.The Seattle Sea Hawks and their Sea Gals.

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