The Pitch of Kevin Brown

The Pitch of Kevin Brown: On 14th of March in the year 1965, the world had received yet another extremely talent sportsman who in his further life had achieved a title Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher. He was Kevin Brown, but was more renowned as Kevin J. Brown.

The talent embedded in Kevin Brown was very rare as this pitcher could rely on both velocity and movement. The average speed of the sinking fastball when Kevin Brown used to pitch varied between 93 mph ? 96 mph, which also included the incredible movement of tailing downward. The ball pitched by him could be spotted on either sides of the plate.

The history with the batters and this kind of a pitched ball thrown by Kevin Brown was either they used to miss the ball entire or at the most they used to pound to the pitch thrown at them. Along with being a very polished player, Kevin Brown was also a very smart player. He used to club his special pitching along with a sharp slider move in the high eighties. Against the left handed batters, Kevin Brown was popularly known to pitch a solid and hard split fingered fastball at them to make it even harder for them to hit.

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