The Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team

The Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team

The Clippers Spirit Dance Team are a team of professional dancers who are the main attraction in the home games of the National Basketball Association or NBA franchise Los Angeles Clippers and form an integral part of the match day entertainment for the fans on the court. Off the court as well, the members of the Spirit Dance Team take part in various charitable events as part of the organization of the Los Angeles Clippers and during any corporate event hosted by the franchise, they also perform.

The Spirit Dance Team is known to have appeared in well over hundred charity events each and every year and this just goes to show their commitment, as well as that of the Clippers to the society and the girls also want to help out as much as they can.

The Clippers Spirit Dance Team has featured on local, national and international television and has also travelled all over the world with the team and as part of the organization of the NBA. Audrea Harris is the current director and choreographer of the Spirit Dance Team and she is responsible for the routines that the 16 girls on the roster perform during the match days. The girls, all of whom are aged between 19 years and 27 years are either still pursuing their studies or have just finished off their graduation courses. Many are professionals working in the different sectors as well.

To be a part of the Clippers Spirit Dance Team, it is a must for every girl who is dreaming to be one to be absolutely well versed in all the dance techniques and this year, the 9 returning veterans will have 7 young rookies with them on the squad. This is the 28th straight season for the Spirit Dance Team in support of the Clippers.

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