The Grizzlies Dance Team Cheerleaders

The Grizzlies Dance Team Cheerleaders

A professional cheerleading squad that can be seen present at each and every home game of the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association or the NBA and is one of the most prominent and ever present entities by the touchline and has been so for many years now.

What makes the team very unique is that almost all the girls who are part of the squad are locals, all living within a 100 km radius of the home stadium of the Grizzlies and the team is as much theirs as it is for the fans and this passions comes out when the team goes out to cheer the boys on the court. Moreover, another thing that makes the team even more unique is that unlike most of the squads in the NBA, this is one team that does not have a captain or squad leader who takes the lead during the half time entertainment or at such other times and the team performs together as a whole.

The Grizzlies Dance Team currently has 18 members, all of whom are not full time dancers and have taken to cheerleading just for the love for the team and is either studying or are doing full time \jobs at various other fields including teaching and engineering.

The Memphis Grizzlies might not have had the success that was expected of it by the fans and the owners over the years but in spite of this barren spell that the club has endured, the Grizzlies Dance Team still comes out with all the passion and enthusiasm so that the team can have a change of fortune and win for a change. However, the team is at their best when they are down and can cheer the boys onto victory with their passion.

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