The Energee Dance Team Cheerleaders

The Energee Dance Team Cheerleaders

The official cheerleading squad for the Milwaukee Bucks, a franchise in the National Basketball Association or the NBA and can be seen performing at the home games of Bucks from the start of the pre season until the end of the season.

The squad has an entirely routine that it performs during the post season playoff games if the Bucks qualify for them. The cheerleading squad was founded for the 1991-1992 season in order to bring more life, passion, energy and entertainment to the crowd that regularly come to the games and get very bored during the half time interval as well as during time outs or at the end of a quarter.

The squad is so energetic on the court that the name Energee! is derived from there and the exclamation mark at the end of that just stamps the authority on that particular fact. The team consists of 22 girls, all of whom are aged between 21 and 27 years and most of these girls are not professional dancers and are involved un either some other field of work or are finishing off their studies.

Being a part of the Energee! Dance Team is as much a dream for many a Milwaukee girl as representing the Laker Girls is for the girls from Los Angeles. It takes immense dedication to be a part of the team according to the director of the squad Lois Wagner Koepke as well as the choreographer Lynne Molthen. The Energee! Dance Team has performed at various corporate functions and charity events and after the Laker Girls, they are the preferred cheerleading squad for the NBA events as well. This has given the squad a lot of exposure and many of the girls have gone on to have immensely successful TV careers as well.

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