The Charlotte Lady Cats Cheerleaders

The Charlotte Lady Cats Cheerleaders

A professional dancing and athletic squad that are the official cheerleaders of the NBA franchise the charlotte Bobcats and are found cheering the team on during each and every home game for the Bobcats starting from the pre season games to the post season playoff games.

The current squad, which is lovingly referred to as just the Lady Cats, includes Amber, Brittany, Ashley, Brittony P, Cara, Brooke, Christina, Chimere, Kia, Hali, Lacey, Kristi, Lindsay, Lauren, Rhema, Lisa, Vanessa and Tara. However, none of these girls are professionals and are employed in various fields or still finishing up their studies at the universities and they have taken to cheerleading as a part time job mainly because of their passion for the game and love for the Bobcats. The Charlotte Lady Cats provide one of the best entertainment packages during the game as well as during the half time show or during time outs.

The Lady Cats were one of the first dancing squads from the NBA to have performed in Canada when the Bobcats went there for a pre season training program and the girls put up a show for the fans who turned up for the practice sessions. Moreover, they also signed their annual swimsuit calendars during their trip to the north of the border and visited many hospitals as part of the goodwill gesture of the team, interacting with the fans. This is something that the Charlotte Lady Cats while they are at home as well and it increases the intimacy of the team with the fans, something each and every team wants to make.

The fans can also get in touch with the girls through Twitter, My Space or even Facebook and this interactive nature has made the Lady Cats one of the foremost cheerleading squads in the NBA.

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