The Celtics Dancers and Green Team Cheerleaders

The Celtics Dancers and Green Team Cheerleaders

A a professional cheerleading squad that represents the National Basketball Association or NBAs most successful franchise the Boston Celtics on the court as their official cheerleading squad.

This squad is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic cheerleading squads that one can find in the entire NBA and due to the continued success of the team in the NBA, they have had the chance to cheer the team on to success after success over the years. The team boasts of some of the greatest fans in the league as well and they feel that only the best dancers are required to cheer on the team as well as the fans of the greatest team in the history of the NBA. As a result, the dancers for the squad are chosen by a prolonged process of intense auditions that is judges by former members for the Celtics Dancers and Green Team who know exactly what it requires to satisfy the fans of the team, who pay good money to see their team win as well as be entertained all the time.

The main focus of the team remains leading the crowd that comes in to support the Celtics and spur the team onto victory. Moreover, the squad is also involved in various promotional exchanges during and after the game. The half time show put one by the girls is one of the hottest shows in the NBA and gets the fans grooving with them as well.

The best thing about the girls of the Celtics Dancers and Green Team is that they interact with the fans directly during the game, giving away various prizes and such other things. Moreover, the dancers who have been part of the Green Team have all gone to make a name for themselves in various fields. Charlotte Bobcats and their Lady Cats

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