The Carolina Top Cats

The Carolina Top Cats

The Carolina Top Cats are a professional cheerleading squad dedicated to support and cheer the National Football League or NFL team the Carolina Panthers to victory on the field and support them off the field as well.

The Top Cats perform at the Bank of America Stadium, which is the home stadium of the Panthers whenever they take to the field in their home matches of the NFL. These dedicated dancers entertain the fans during the half time show and get a rousing cheer whenever they take to the field prior to the arrival of the Panthers. The Top Cats consist of 25 women, who hail from all over Carolina and are between the ages of 21 years and 33 years.

It is a must for the cheerleading squad that a girl has finished off her studies before they are allowed to audition for the Top Cats squad. It is not mandatory for a girl, to be selected as part of the Carolina Top Cats squad to be a full time dancer and there are many girls in the current lineup of the Top cats who are involved in the various fields of teaching, engineers and other business as well.

The auditions for the chance to become a Top Cat is, however, very strenuous and intense. The amount of showmanship, physical fitness and prowess as a dancer as well as the personality are taken into account when selecting the final squad. They make their presence felt at the various and corporate events that are hosted by the Panthers apart from cheering them on the pitch. The reason why the Carolina Top Cats appeal to the fans of the Panthers of all ages and tastes is because their selection is wide and varied meaning that everyone’s tastes are suitably catered to.

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