The beauty of Figure Skating

The beauty of Figure Skating

Figure Skating has become an important sport in the Olympic Games where groups or pairs of individuals perform a number of challenging moves on ice skates. This sport requires tremendous amount of focus and skill because perfect coordination is what makes one perfect in this game. More and more people are gaining interest in figure skating.

Jumps, Spins, Lifts, Turns and Spirals are some of the sequences that most figure skaters. perform with greater occurrence. Jumps and spirals performed on edges add to the skill ratings of the performer. These sequences are combined in every possible way to improve the performance of figure skating.

The scoring factor is an important factor as most people do not have a thorough understanding of the marking scheme. The components that each figure skater is judged upon are skating skills, transitions, performance, choreography and execution. Each component is related to the other intrinsically and hence each component is given equal weight age in figure skating. Some of the figure skating dresses are gorgeous outfits, some by specialist top sports designers.

There are a number of centers that are opened up to train people in figure skating. The beauty of this sport is that it adds a feel of grace to the normal ice skating sport. It is a pleasurable experience for both the performer as well as the viewer.

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