Tennessee Smokies: Knoxville’s Pride

Tennessee Smokies: Knoxville’s Pride

Tennessee Smokies is a double-A baseball team that is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The team is affiliated with the Chicago Cubs and is under the Southern League division.

Ballpark: The Smokies’ ballpark since 2005 is located at Kodak, an unincorporated village in Sevier City, Tennessee. But before they moved there, they made the Bill Meyer Stadium, Chapman Hwy Park, Smithson Stadium, Caswell Park, Chilhowie Park and Baldwin Park as their ballparks from 1896 to 1999.

Minor League Titles: The Tennessee Smokies had garnered several minor baseball league titles. They have won league titles on 1974, 1978 and 2004. They have also won division league titles, four of them, on 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Notable Alumni: Some of the Smokies’ alumni had managed to get to the Major Baseball League and had left footprints in baseball’s history. Shawn Green, Joe Girardi, Stephen Drew, Carlo Delgado, Harold Baines, David Wells, Alberto Gonzales, Gabe Gross, Sean Gallagher and Keven Hart are just some of the Smokies’ notable alumni.

History: Before the Tennessee Smokies had reached the double-A division, they had started out as the ‘Appalachians’ in 1909. They were a Class C team under the South Atlantic Team. After they have dropped out of the ‘Sally League’ season, the team had returned to the loop after they had fielded the Southeasterns, which is in Class D, and Appalachians. The team also had changed its name and it became the Smokies during their return on 1925. In 1946, the Smokies had joined the Tri-State League as a Class B baseball team. The loop folded though, in 1955. In 1963, the Smokies was classified as a Class AA baseball team, along with the Sally League teams.

Largest Crowd: The Tennessee Smokies had experienced their largest crowd in a home game in July 3, 2009 with an attendance of 7,655 spectators. The match had also been glorious because they had won a very intensive game during that time against the Huntsville Stars of Huntsville, Alabama.

April Fools’ Day: A press release stated that the Smokies will be changing their name into Tennessee Browns during the 2013 season. This statement, though, was only part of their April Fools’ Day prank to make their fans laugh and the statement was taken back. The uniforms and the logo of the team were also not going to be changed, which is what was stated on their press release, according to the management itself.

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