Teeing off with Julius Boros

Teeing off with Julius Boros

Julius Boros, born in Bridgeport in Connecticut has been inducted into the world Golf Hall of Fame in 1982. He was of Hungarian descent and was a very famous golfer of his time.

Julius Boros was famous for his effortless golfing skills, he was naturally talented and unlike most golfers, he did not spend anytime inspecting the greens and the slopes. He simply stood and delivered and his carefree approach made him quite a personality in the sport. Julius Boros has won several top titles including 3 world championship events out of 18 PGA tours.

The most remarkable thing about Julius Boros is that he turned professional at the age of 29 which is quite late according to standards, but age was never a hurdle for him as he won a world championship at the age of 48.

Julius Boros was also a member of the Ryder cup team for many years and was instrumental in taking his team to victory. Perhaps his most important contribution to the game is that he helped start the senior PGA tour which has now become a very prestigious tournament drawing golfers from all parts of the world.

Julius Boros also helped in spreading the game to many parts of the world.

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