Teeing off with Dutch Harrison

Teeing off with Dutch Harrison

Earnest Joseph Harrison or Dutch Harrison was born on March 29th in the year 1910. He was a legend in the world of golfing and is one of the most respected and famous players in the history of the game.

Dutch Harrison played the game that he love for almost forty years or four decades at the top professional level which is a history in itself. The PGA legend was born in the Conway region of Arkansas and he was nicknamed the Arkansas traveler.

Dutch Harrison had a total of 23 championship victories which includes 18 PGA titles. He was one of the greatest golfers the game has produces, not only was he a great player to watch but he was a true gentleman. Dutch Harrison has also worked enthusiastically to promote the game in various parts of the world and he was great ambassador for the game.

He has won his last title at the age of 69 which is a mark of the immense determination and mental strength of the man. Dutch Harrison also attached a lot of importance to fitness being the basis of all form of sport. This great personality left for his heavenly abode in 1982.

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