Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis Equipment

The sport of Table Tennis is quite popular in almost all parts of the world. The game of Table Tennis requires certain items. The main items which are required for the game of Table Tennis are a specific Table Tennis table, balls, racquets and the board net. The game can be both played in singles and doubles. The Table Tennis board is made of wood and iron.

The board sheet is made of rubber material which allows the balls to bounce on it. The boards can be folded after use. Two boards are joined to make the total table. Wheels are given on the legs of the board so that it can be moved from one place to another very easily. Different quality boards are available in the market.

A professional board differs from the normal regular use board. The professional boards are much costly and are said to be fast boards. The price of the regular boards ranges from $300 to $500 while the price of the professional boards ranges from $700 to $1000. The official size of the board is 16mm. The regular boards used by the beginners may be bit shorter in length.

Different types Table Tennis racquets are available in the market. The normal racquets are more than enough for the beginner players. The price of the normal racquets is around $10. For professional players light weight racquets are available. The price of this Table Tennis racquet is around $15 to $20. The beginners cannot handle this particular racquet.

Table nets are also required. The Table Tennis players do not require any safety gears. Only thing that is need for the game is Table Tennis Shoes. These shoes are manufactured by almost all leading sport goods manufacturing company. Some players wear wrist bands and other accessories. But, these are not at all compulsory for the game of Table Tennis.

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