Staten Island Yankees: One of New York’s Best

Staten Island Yankees: One of New York’s Best

Staten Island Yankees is a minor league baseball team that is based in New York. The team plays in the New York Pennsylvania League and is a Short-Season Class A affiliate of the major league baseball team, New York Yankees.

History: The Island Yankees was founded in 1999 when it was brought to the Staten Island with the help of the mayor at the time, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. After just a year, the team had already won a league title. They had played two seasons at the College of Staten Island Baseball Complex during that time before they moved to a new arena, the Richmond County Ballpark, in 2001. They are still playing at this ballpark to this day.

Titles: The Staten Island Yankees had already won several titles during its 14 years in minor league baseball. They had already won six league titles during the dominant run from 2000 to 2010, before copping another title in the 2011 season. The Yankees had also taken home seven division titles during that span. This only proves that the New York Yankee’s affiliate is a remarkable team where great baseball players came from. This is the reason why the Staten Island Yankees team is known as a good affiliate.

Notable Alumni: Most of the alumni of Staten Island Yankees had become professional baseball players in the Major League Baseball. They were able to create their own names in the field of professional baseball because of the proper training and management of the owners, coaches and the players of Yankees themselves. Some of the notable alumni that came from the Island Yankees are David Phelps, Brad Halsey, Michael Dunn, Jason Anderson, Andy Cannizaro and Bernie Castro. The retired members of the Staten Island Yankees, who also happened to be among the most notable alumni, were Robinson Cano, Chien-Ming Wang and Jason Anderson.

First Game: The first ever game played by the team was its home opener game on June 20, 1999. The play was held at the former ballpark of the minor league team, the College of Staten Island Baseball Complex, where 4,547 spectators watched.

Sold for the Second Time: The Staten Island Yankees was sold to a new management that is based in Connecticut in 2011, just twelve years after the team was brought to the Staten Island. However, the team still plays at the Richmond County Ballpark, where they have been playing for 12 years now.

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