St Louis Rams Cheerleaders

St Louis Rams Cheerleaders

The professional American football team St.Louis Rams have their cheerleading squad named as St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders. Established in the year 1974 with 30 members at present, they were initially incepted as the Embraceable Ewes. The cheerleading squad functioned under this name from 1974-1994. It was only as late as 1995 that they switched to what they’re called at present.

The squad partners with a number of well reputed companies, some of which are-TIGI, Club Fitness, Russell Athletic, Bud Light and Carlos.Among others are Shine, Rechtin, Salon Jou and Spa, Farouk and Massage Luxe.

As in the case of other cheerleading squads of the National Football League, St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders have their highly coveted annual publication of swimsuit calendars.

From fundraisers to award ceremonies to grand openings to Monday Night Football events, these band of cheerleaders make the occasion colorful. Even corporate sales are given a boost with the mere presence of these wonder girls.

Although they’re most popular for sideline performances during football matches, they spend a lot of their time in the community. These group of cheerleaders have gone far beyond mesmerizing the local audiences and have come to make their presence felt nationally and internationally, for example in countries like Japan, Korea, Austria, Mexico City, and Puerto Rico. A number of military bases in Florida, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Washington city have witnessed entertainment by them.

Among the noteworthy former cheerleaders are Jenilee Harrison, a successful actress in ‘Three’s Company’, Lisa Guerrero, who, apart from being established in the field of acting and modelling, is now an American sports broadcaster, and Apollonia Kotero, lead singer of Apollonio 6 and co-star of the popular sitcom Purple Rain.

All in all, the group of St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders have worked hard to establish a professional relationship with the team and outsiders and have proved to be an asset to St. Louis Rams. They are a dedicated bunch always seeking out to people and lending them their helping hands.

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