Serena Williams: One Half of the Famous Williams Sisters

Serena Williams: One Half of the Famous Williams Sisters

One of the greatest professional tennis players of all time is Serena Williams. Born in September 26, 1981, the tennis player had been placed as the number one female tennis player in the world six times. Since Serena was named as the number one woman tennis player in the world in 2013, she had been the oldest female tennis player to be ranked as number one by the Women’s Tennis Association.

Serena is also deemed as one of the greatest tennis players of all time because she had achieved the Career Golden Slam. She had won 30 Grand Slam titles, which also made her to be considered as one of the hardest working and most active tennis player in history.

Career: Serena Williams had started playing professional tennis at the very young age of 14. She did not succeed in her first match to enter the Bell Challenge in 1995 but she had returned to compete in Ameritech Cup Chicago in 1997. She is also the lowest-ranked player to defeat two of the top tennis players in a single tournament. Serena had joined the tournament ranking at 304 but when the Ameritech Cup had finished, she had excelled into being number 99.

First Match against her Sister: During the 1998 tournaments, Serena Williams had faced her sister, Venus Williams, in a tournament for the first time. She had lost during the game but had reach six quarters the same year. After their match against each other, Serena and Venus had paired to compete in the WTA in Oklahoma City, where they won.

Ranking, Awards and Titles: Even though Serena didn’t start to be a huge success in the field of professional tennis, she came back and excelled in the tournaments that she had joined in the following years. She had reached the no. 9 spot in 1999 and had since improved her rankings.

Serena Williams had won major titles in various divisions. From singles and doubles to mixed doubles, Serena had proved that she can achieve her goals. She had won Grand Slam Singles titles in the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. She had also won other championships in the singles division three times and had won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2012.

Serena had also garnered various titles in the doubles division, getting 22 titles. Also, she had won 13 Grand Slam titles in the doubles division, plus four titles in the Grand Slam Mixed Doubles division, along with other numerous titles.

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