Scottsdale Scorpions: This Team Packs a Sting

Scottsdale Scorpions: This Team Packs a Sting

Scottsdale Scorpions is a triple-A baseball team that Major League Baseball teams have been sending their players to so that they can practice and evaluate players. The team, which plays at their hometown stadium, Scottsdale Stadium, is in the highest level of minor league baseball. The team is one of the triple-A teams in the East Division of Arizona Fall League that prepares the major league baseball team players for the Major Leagues. This means that they help team management evaluate their players and decide what to do with them.

Popularity: One of the reasons, aside from being a great team, which made the Scorpions popular, is because of Michael Jordan. It was the team that Jordan joined when he entered the world of triple-A baseball in 1994. Because of this, the Scorpions gained media attention. Because Scottsdale Scorpions is one of the most popular triple-A baseball teams, many Major League Baseball teams have sent their teams to Scorpions for evaluation and preparation for the Major Leagues.

There are about 5 teams, namely Los Angeles of Anaheim, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies, that have sent their team players to the Scorpions in 2011 for evaluation and training.

There are also players from 5 teams to be sent to the Scorpions for training and evaluation in 2012 – San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, Los Angeles of Anaheim and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Titles, Championships and Awards: Scottsdale Scorpions had won two minor league baseball championships. Triple-A baseball teams have championships, where the three minor baseball league teams will face each other for the title. Scorpions had won the championships twice; in 1996 and in 2010. The triple-A team had also won division titles in the years 2010, 2005, 2004, 2002 and 1996. An award, called the Stenson Award, was created in honor of a Scorpions outfielder who was killed in a carjacking.

Notable Alumni: Many of the alumni of Scorpions had made it to the Major League Baseball teams. Evan Longoria of Tampa Bay Rays, Russell Martin of Pittsburgh Pirates, Mike Trout of Los Angeles of Anaheim, Bryce Harper of Washington Nationals, Terry Francona of Cleveland Indians and Derek Jeter of New York Yankees are just some of the former Scorpions members who made it big to the Major League Baseball world.

Name Change: The Scorpions had their name changed in 2006 when they returned to their hometown stadium after it was repaired. But they reverted back into their old name, Scottsdale Scorpions, when they went back into action in 2007.

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