Saintsations Cheerleaders

Saintsations Cheerleaders

The official dance and cheerleading team that represents the New Orleans Saints is known as the Saintsations. This particular troop is involved in many other types of projects and it launches their official swimsuit calendar every year. The calendar is one of the popular merchandise which is published by this cheerleading group. Two different dance troops are present in the cheerleading. From the year 1967 till 1971, the cheerleading team was named different at various seasons. Initially the name of the troop was Lousiannes.

In the year 1967, the name was changed to Saint Dancers followed by Mademoiselles in the year 1968 and Mamselles in the year 1967. The latter name lasted for 3 years till the season of 1971. 48 dancers were there in the cheerleading troop. There were 12 dancers, who were always ready in the reserved benches. The reserved played an important role when any cheerleader was injured or could not perform due to unavoidable circumstances.

A famous director of Disneyland name Tommy Walker founded the original cheerleading team of Saintsations in the year 1967. The particular troop lasted till the season of 1970. The name of the choreographer who trained the dancers was Phyllis Nelson. A separate voice coach was also appointed for the particular cheerleading group. The particular individual was an actress in RKO pictures of mid 1950s. In the year 1954, she also won the crown of Miss New Orleans USA. Nelson became the director of the Saintsations in the year 1969 and held the particular post till the season of 1970.

The second team which came into existence was named Bonnes Amiees which lasted from the 1975 till the end of 1977. The name meant good friends. This particular team has performed many charitable shows for social causes. In 1978 the team was reformed as the Angels. In 1987 the Saintsations was reformed.

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