Playing Cricket

Playing Cricket

Cricket has been played since ages now. It first started with the English men originating this game way back in the 16th century. As time passed by it became more and more popular among the rest of the world. The term ‘cricket’ has been originated from the Dutch word Kricket which means a stick or a crook. In those days the English men used to play with sticks and a ball.

The game became a national sport in England for the first time in the 18th century and there was no looking back from there. In the 19th Century the game of cricket went international with under arm and over arm bowling being introduced. The first international match was played between United States and Canada.

Cricket has developed to a great extent. The use of pads, helmets and other guards were introduced to protect the players from any form of injuries. Moreover cricket as a sport is in close competition to football when compared to the audience ratings. Cricket and football are two sports which have universal acceptance from almost all countries around the world. The globalization of cricket has made it a sought after game.

The rules of cricket are pretty simple. The main aim is to dismiss the batting team by getting all their players out or restricting their run score till the number of over’s are complete. The team with the highest runs wins the match. Test Series have been introduced in the latter part of the 20th century and has been accepted with equal favor. People do not mind spending 5 days watching their favorite teams play the game to victory.

The main problem with test series was that it did get monotonous and boring after a certain span of time. Due to this, the BCCI decided to start off with the T20 series of cricket which involved agility and amazing game play. It pulled a large section of masses as it was a much more entertaining game with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.

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