Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates is the name of a team that plays baseball on a professional level. They are from Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and they play baseball as a team of Major League. The team in National League’s Central Division.

They have been the champions of The World Series for five times. The Pittsburgh Pirates are sometimes called the ‘Bucs’ which comes from buccaneer, which means pirate. Pittsburgh has been having professional games of baseball since 1886.

It was in the year of 1887 and the sixth season of National League that Pittsburgh Pirates joined them as a franchise. Being competent from the very beginning, the Pittsburgh Pirates won the title of the National League thrice between 1901 and 1903.

The first time they played in a World Series was in the year of 1903 and in 1909, they won their first title of the World Series. The most famous win of Pittsburgh Pirates was the World Series of 1960 when the team won with a home run. Having a marvelous record of five world titles, the Pittsburgh Pirates had been facing a tough time lately for they have lost 18 seasons in a row, which is a record in the professional sports of North America.

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