Mississippi State University Cheerleaders

Mississippi State University Cheerleaders

The Mississippi State University cheering squad is a part of the varsity’s Spirit Groups program. It is comprised of the co-ed, all-girl, pom-pom squads and the university mascot. There are eight to twelve couples in the co-ed squad. They cheer at all the football games and in the men’s basket ball games played at home. The all-girl squad is comprised of 20 cheerleaders who cheer at all the home football, women’s basketball and volleyball games. The members from the two squads are eligible for the Nationals Team to participate in national level cheering competitions. The pom squad consists of 16 girls who perform during football games played at home and all home men’s and some women’s basketball games along with several fund-raising events. The MSU cheerleaders attend regular practice sessions set by their head coach, Melissa Nichols. The Mississippi State University has six Bully mascots in their Spirit Groups program.

The MSU cheerleaders have participated and won several national level cheer competitions. The all girl squad won the one first place in the sideline and cheer competition at UCA/UDA College Spirit camp in 2007 and in 2011 came in third place. In 2011 the co-ed squad won the second place in the cheer and sideline competitions at the UCA/UDA College Spirit camps. 2011-2012 began their preparation for the season this past July. In 2010 the coed team had its best finish ever, placing 6th at the UCA/UDA College Nationals. The pom squad participated in UDA College Nationals in Orlando, Florida in 2010, and finished 19th, a first for the MSU in this category. They are looking forward to participating in the competitions next year and improve their rankings.

Most noted cheerleaders from the co-ed squad are Heather Pitman and Rudy Rumbarger. While from the all-girl squad there is Sarah Hough, Lauren Enstrom, Natalie Buchanan and Whitely Rodenbaugh.

Apart from the usual side line and half time cheering as well as competitive events, the MSU cheerleaders take part in alumni events and other social and public events.

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