Midland Rockhounds

Midland Rockhounds

Midland Rockhounds: Brief history and awards: The Midland Rockhounds, previously known as Midland Cubs and Midland Angels, are an American minor-league professional baseball team. They are based out of Midland, Texas, as the name clearly suggests. The team plays in the Texas League and are currently champions of the Texas South League.

The team was founded in 1972 and was known as the Midland Cubs back then. The team then used to play its matches at the Christensen Stadium. In 2002, they moved into the Citibank Ballpark, located in west Midland. The Citibank Ballpark is part of the Schrauber Sports Complex.

The Midland Rockhounds have always been heavily awarded, since their inception. In ’95, the franchise won the Bob Frietas award, the highest award available to an AA team. They also won the ’90, ’94, and 2002 Texas League Organization, the first two years as the Midland Angels and the last as the Rockhounds.

They are currently affiliates to the major league club, the Oakland Atheltics. Previously, they have been affiliates of the Los Angeles Angels from 1985 to ’98 and the Chicago Cubs from 1972 to ’84. In recent years, they won the league titles in 2005 and 2009. The same years, they also won the Division titles.

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