Michigan State University Cheerleaders

Michigan State University Cheerleaders

The Michigan State University cheering team is well known for their stunts and passionate cheers. They are a nationally ranked cheering squad and represent the spirit of their varsity.

The MSU cheerleaders have two co-ed squads-a green and a white squad. The two squads cover all the Spartan sporting events. As old members graduate and move out, new members for the cheering squads are selected during the spring and fall tryout sessions every year.’The tryouts have three levels, where the interested candidates are to send in their videos with stunts, cheer routines and dance moves recorded. Upon being selected in after the video submission, they are to have a tryout in front of the coaches and then after the final tryout they are inducted into the team and given the team colour. The cheerleaders are divided into squads consisting of girls and boys for various events by the coaches.

The MSU cheerleaders can be seen at the university’s football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball games, women’s volleyball, and numerous other Spartan sporting events during spring, fall and winter seasons. The cheerleaders cheer from the side with the mascot Sparty while the game is on, encouraging the team and also give half time performances with their cheer songs and stunts. The MSU cheerleaders organize various cheerleading clinics where they help children learn the cheering routines. The MSU cheering squad can also be seen promoting the Spartan spirit and traditions in alumni association receptions, special charitable events as well as other public activities.

MSU cheerleaders are currently being trained and coached by Elyse Packard. The team has won the 2011 Women’s Competitive Cheer Big Ten Champs. At the 2010 NCE Nationals All-Girl 1A won the top prize in the Challenge Cup, came first among the Big Ten and 7th in the Nation.

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