Mexico Pachuca Football

Mexico Pachuca

Mexico Pachuca: A brief history: If you search for Mexico Pachuca on the internet, you will not find anything related to sports. That is because Pachuca is a place in Hidalgo, Mexico.

There is a football club called Pachuca Club de Futbol, and that is what is commonly known as Mexico Pachuca. It is one of the oldest football clubs in Mexico City and was founded in 1901. It is called Tuzos (Gophers in English) by the fans. It is one of Mexico’s most successful clubs of the last decade.

The club was founded by emigrant miners in 1901 as the Pachuca Athletic club. Back then, football as just a pastime sport for the mine workers. In 1907, the first organized football division, or league, was formed in Mexico, with Mexico Pachuca as one of its founding members. It was called the Primera Division de Mexico. It played in this league until a secondary league, the Segunda Division was formed.

For a long time, it struggled to come up to the Primera Liga, but finally in 1967, it rejoined the Premier League. In the last decade, it has won fine national championships. It also won the 2007 SuperLiga and the 2006 Copa Sudamericana. It is owned by Jesus Martinez Patino and managed by Efrain Flores.

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