Memphis Redbirds: Foundations and achievements

Memphis Redbirds: Foundations and achievements

The Memphis Redbirds are an affiliate for the St. Louis Cardinals. They are a triple-A minor league baseball team. Other than the St. Louis Cardinals, the team is also affiliated to a minor league, the Pacific Coast.

As the name suggests, the team is based in Memphis in the state of Tennessee. The team was founded in 1998 and was a non-profit entity back then. For the first two years of its creation, the team used to play its matches at the Tim McCarver Stadium. In 2000, the Memphis Redbirds shifted to their current home ground, the Auto Zone Park in downtown Memphis. In September of 2008, their affiliation to the Cardinals was extended to 2012.

The club is run by Global Spectrum, a company owned by Comcast. The Memphis Redbirds run a number of programs like the RBI (Returning Baseball to the Inner-City), the Memphis Redbirds Foundation etc. The former program conducts summer training camps in softball and baseball, while the latter is a non-profit organization which uses the club’s funds to enable children to partake in sports and related activities.

In sports achievements, the club has won the Pacific League on two occasions in 2000 and 2009. On another occasion, it made it to the playoffs.

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