Marquez Haynes High School and College career

Marquez Haynes High School and College career

Marquez Haynes was born in Irving, Texas in 1986 to Angela and Keith Haynes. He attended Irving High School and went to Boston College where he realized that what he really wanted to do was play basketball for NBA. So, he shifted out of Boston College to the University of Texas in Arlington.

The major reason for this shift was that he played as a guard in the Boston college team, but he preferred to play offensive basketball, which wasn’t required in the Boston team.

In high school, Marquez Haynes was highly regarded as one of the biggest potential recruits for the NBA. Following his high school season of 2005 at Irving High, he was ranked 14th best senior in his state. While in high school, Marquez Haynes scored an average of 14 points per game while serving in more than 4 assists per game. While at Boston College, Marquez Haynes played in a total of 32 games as a freshman.

He was on the team which finished at 21-12 and progressed to the second round. After transferring to the University of Texas, he didn’t play for the first season, i.e. 2007-08. The next season, he played all the 30 games and had an average score of 16.5.

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