Mark McCumber

Mark McCumber

Life of Mark McCumber; Mark McCumber is a professional golfer of tremendous repute. he was born in the year 1957 and has been one of the legends of the game.

Not only is he a great golfer but he is also a great personality and a very generous person. Mark McCumber does a lot of philanthropic activities and he is a very genuine person. Not only is Mark McCumber very humble and polisher on the course, he is very accurate off the course in his real life too.

He has represented his country in many Ryder Cup ties.

The Ryder Cyp is the most prestigious golfing event in the entire golf calendar. The event involves the clash of the top golf teams from US and England. Mark McCumber has made many important contributions and has helped his side clinch victory form the hands of defeat on several occasions.

He will retired from the professional level and has settled down with his family in his hometown. Mark McCumber has a very loving wife and kids and he lives the perfect American dream. He will always be remembered as a very tough competitor on the golf course and a very whole hearted and generous person in real life.

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