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Marion Jones

Marion Jones was born to Marion and George Jones. Life of sports was designed for her. At the age of 15 she was routinely dominating California high school athletics both on the track and the basketball courts. In high school, Marion Jones won the CIF California State Meet in the 100 m sprint four years in a row.

Jones’s first international win was 100m sprint at the 1997 World Championships. 1996 Olympics turned depressing for her as Marion Jones lost to her injuries. In her 2004 Olympics she came fifth in the Long Jump and competed in the women’s 4×100’m relay where they swept past the competition in the preliminaries only to miss a baton pass in the final race.

A dominant force in women’s sprinting, Marion Jones was upset in the 100’m sprint at the 2001 World Championships, as Zhanna- Pintusevich-Block beat her for her first loss in the event in six years.

Jones though managed to grab gold in both the 200’m and 4×100’m relay. July 8th 2006 Marion Jones topped by winning 100m sprint that too with a time of 10.93 seconds. Throughout her athletic careen Jones was charged for doping staring from her high school. Some were proved wrong but her career seemed to be troublesome and hasty.

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