Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera

Life of Mariano Rivera: Mariano Rivera is a professional baseball player who was born on the 29th of November in the year 1969. He has played consistently for the New York Yankees major league baseball team and he is one of the most experienced players in the league.

He has played baseball for the Yankees for 13 years continuously. Mariano Rivera occupies the special position in the hearts of the Yankee fans as he has been a dedicated performer for the side.

The team has also done its part and has always honored this great player in whatever way possible.

Mariano Rivera is one of the most popular baseball players of all times, to play at the top level for all these years is no mean feat at all. He plays at a pitcher and he spearheads the Yankee attack. Mariano Rivera has many variations us his sleeve and he can be very difficult to read at times. He can throw very fast pitches indeed and he can throw the slower ones without any significant change in action.

Mariano Rivera is not only very fast but he is also very accurate and he holds many strike-out records in his career. Mariano Rivera will always be the prized possession of the Yankees and we hope to see him for many years to come

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