Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez

Life of Manny Ramirez: Manny Ramirez is a retired baseball player who was born on the 30th of May in the year 1972. He is a great player and now devotes most of his time towards his family. Manny Ramirez took up baseball from a very early age, since the sport is so popular in America; people generally take to the sport form a very early age. Manny Ramirez was a very good pitcher and he had tremendous variation in his pitches.

Manny Ramirez was a tremendous athlete and he was also a very good fielder. He had very strong arms which helped him to throw very fast pitches that went zipping past batsmen. He also had a very good spin which was almost impossible to read leaving his hand.

Batsmen found is very hard to predict Manny Ramirez which made him very successful as a pitcher. He has won many titles in his career and also has made some very important contributions towards his team. Manny Ramirez will always be remembered as a team player and he will continue to have that special place in the hearts of baseball fans across America. He retired from the professional scene in the year 2010 as he last played for the Dodgers.

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