Long Island Ducks

Long Island Ducks

The Long Island Ducks Baseball team: The Long Island Ducks are a professional baseball team which is based in Long Island in New York. The team plays in the Atlantic league but are not an affiliate of the major league. With time, many teams have alienated themselves from the Major league because of several conflict of interests and these teams have come together to form the Independent League which has also become very popular with the crowd.

The Long Island Ducks is one of the most popular teams in the league and they own the record for the most number of fans’ attendance record.

The previous record was also set by them and this goes to show the immense fan following of the team. The Long Island Ducks play their home games in the Bethpage Ballpark which is a very decent facility dedicated to baseball and the players have access to excellent facilities in the arena. The Long Island Ducks has been doing well in the past seasons and a lot is expected from them in this season also.

There have been many new additions to the team which is likely to bear fruit in the upcoming season. The Long Island Ducks team is presently owned by Frank Boulton.

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