Lloyd Mangrum

Lloyd Mangrum

Life of Lloyd Mangrum: Lloyd Mangrum is not just a name in America, he is a legend. He was not only one of the greatest golfers the country has produced but he was as brave as a lion. Lloyd Mangrum was born on the 1st of August in the year 1914 and he played in the PGA and won as many as 36 PGA events. Then his illustrious career was hampered by the World war and he served in the army.

Lloyd Mangrum was one of the bravest soldiers the country has seen and he won two Purple Hearts which is one of the greatest honors in the U.S army. Lloyd Mangrum fought with valor and did his duty towards his motherland.

He was given the choice to be posted in the army golf course to hone his skills for the post war seasons but he opted to serve his country actively in the battle ground. Lloyd Mangrum was injured in the war but he made a comeback and proved his mettle on the course yet again.

Lloyd Mangrum started playing at the professional level form the age of 17 and he was named Mr. Icicle as he was always very calm and composed during a game. No matter what the condition of the game was, he never used to lose his cool and was always cheerful and very positive in all aspects of his life.

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