Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie

Life of Lisa Leslie: Lisa Leslie is a retired professional basketball player who played in the WNBA. She is one of the finest basketball players of all times and one of the most popular basketball players in the U.S.

Lisa Leslie was born on the 7th of July in the year 1972 and she hails from the Gardena region of California. She was very tall form a very young age and she was already 6’1′ while she was in middle school, but then she did not take part in any athletic events, it was in high school that her talent for basketball was finally recognized and she took to the game almost immediately. Lisa Leslie came from a middle class family and her parents started their small business in order to support their family.

His brother also played basketball at the amateur level. Lisa Leslie was a very keen learner and she went to California University and represented her college in basketball and was immensely successful. After college Lisa Leslie was drafted in the WNBA and she was signed by the Los Angeles Sparks.

The L.A team was perfectly suited for her style of play and she was assigned the centre position which involved a bit of offense as well as defense. Lisa Leslie could adapt herself according to the situation in any game.

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