Life of Justin Leonard

Life of Justin Leonard

Justin Leonard was born on 15th June 1972 in Dallas, Texas. He is a professional golfer with a good history of major wins in PGA tournaments. Justin Leonard will be definitely remembered for his elaborate drives and precision putts. He is a keen analyst of the game.

Justin Leonard is one of those golfers who believe in a lot of hard work and keen thinking. He did a lot of homework before approaching any track and by the time the tournament started, he was sure to have known the entire course like the back of his hand.

Apart from a good golfer he also has tremendous organizational skills which have helped in staying on course. Justin Leonard was also enjoyed the 1st position in the top ten golfers chart in the 1998-99 season for several weeks. Perhaps his biggest contribution to his country was when he was selected for the Ryder cup and he played remarkable golf and brought his side back into the game after they were almost down and out.

Justin Leonard now lives with his wife and two kids and has retired from the game. However, Justin Leonard is still associated with the game as he plays the role of sports analyst and also does commentaries from time to time.

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