Laredo Broncos

The Glorious Wins of Laredo Broncos

Laredo in Texas in the United States has been a home to the well known professional baseball team called the Laredo Broncos. This team is an independent professional league that is a proud member of the United League Baseball and is not affiliated with any of the either minor league baseball or major leagues baseball. The home games of the Laredo Broncos were played on the grounds of Veterans Field since the seasons of 2006 till the seasons of 2010.

The Laredo Broncos at first had a very rough start which had disappointed a lot of the home town people who had raised hopes on them. Eventually the Laredo Broncos came back with a bang and proved their capability by making a record of winning eleven games out of the first sixteen games played by them, from there the Laredo Broncos moved forward by defeating the Edinburg Coyotes in the playoffs and pushing them away from the first place. This had earned the Laredo Broncos immense amount of respect and they later on got eliminated in the season.

Sadly the Laredo Broncos faced a folding of the team in the year 2010 as the ULB had ceased to exist and the city also preferred a future expansion for the franchise team in the American Association.

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