Lansing Lugnuts

Lansing Lugnuts Deals with the Chaos

One of the Class A minor league baseball teams who is also an affiliation of the Toronto Blue Jays and that plays in the Midwest League is the Lansing Lugnuts. As one can already guess, the name for the team comes from their hometown that is Lansing placed in Michigan.

The Midwest League had gone to Lansing in the year 1996. The franchise of Lansing Lugnuts had first begun in the year 1955 in a place called Lafayette Indiana. After the franchise was done with two seasons, Lansing Lugnuts were then moved to Waterloo placed in Iowa.

In Waterloo the franchise managed to stick around for a period of thirty six seasons. Followed by another move to Springfield, Illinois where the franchise could only stay for two seasons and then finally Lansing Lugnuts moved to where it was destined to be and that is Lansing. The Lansing Lugnuts was an affiliation of the Kansas City Royals in three different cities that too on two separate occasions.

From the year 1969 till 1976 it was as Waterloo Royals, and then in the year 1995 it was as the Sultans of Springfield and then finally when it moved to Lansing till the year 1998.

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